This Guarantee pertains to our own products that our manufactured by EHS RACING, or manufactured directly for EHS RACING. We do not Warranty any other manufactures products nor do we offer the 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on other manufactures products. We do however offer our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on our services in relationship with other manufactures products whether it be installation, shipping related (in our control) or any other part of the sales process. We will assist any customers in obtaining Warranty work directly from the supplier by providing phone numbers or warranty information. In some cases we will be able to offer replacements or exchanges but it is all circumstantial, and will work differently for each manufacturer or supplier.

Please see our Return Policy section for standard time frames and allowances.

All EHS Racing products manufactured by EHS Racing or directly for EHS Racing carry a 1 (ONE) Year warranty from the time of purchase for manufacture defects and workmanship. The decision that a product is defective solely lies with EHS Racing to determine. If the product is deemed defective it will be repaired free of charge or new replacement will be exchanged.  Freight cost will be situational and taken on a case by case basis. In the event that a product is discontinued, out of stock, or not able to be replaced EHS Racing retains the right to substitute another product of equal or greater value.

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