Shipping within the United States:

All orders received through any method via web, phone, email, eBay, are handled and shipped directly from our main office location of 2015 N US Highway 1, Rockingham, NC 28379. Our standard delivery method is Priority Mail through the United States Postal Service UNINSURED. Insurance is available at the request of the customer at the cost of $2 per $100 of coverage, all Express mail packages will have $100 of insurance automatically applied to them covered by USPS. All claims and concerns need to be presented when the package arrives or within 24 hours of acceptance. Either by informing the USPS or other common carrier used for delivery. Customer can also call EHS Racing directly and inform of problems. If the package is physically damaged inspecting of goods is necessary before acceptance. We will assist our customers in obtaining reimbursement from or through the carriers insurance provider. EHS Racing's responsibility of delivery ends after package is excepted by the Common Carrier whether it be USPS, UPS, Fed-EX, DHL or any other recognized delivery method. EHS Racing is not responsible for damages, lost packages, delays in shipment after we have handed the package off to the responsible party. Also customer should recognize that the method we use for standard delivery is Priority Mail through USPS and the tracking system for this service is not detailed. If you require detailed tracking or an exact delivery date please contact us about other shipping methods all orders placed on website can be shipped how EHS Racing determines is best possible method regardless of shipping option selected. If you need specific methods please include a note on order or call shop to specify. EHS Racing will provide tracking numbers upon request and in some cases automatically.

Shipping Internationally:

Everything applies that is mentioned above in addition to some other policies. All credit card orders placed from any country other than Canada are put on a 10 business day holding period from the time it is processed to the time of shipment. NO EXCEPTIONS unless you are a repeat customer then all cases will be reviewed by administration. If you would like it shipped same day we accept paypal but ONLY!!! from confirmed addresses, usually international is not confirmed so it will be denied please do not send paypal if it is UNconfirmed. We also accept direct bank transfers and ship same day it clears, with this method please make sure actual amount of US funds gets transferred. We run into the problem of not getting paid fully often for example customer A thinks they send $100, but their bank charges a $20 fee to process the transaction we actually only receive $80.

Usually the main delivery carrier that we deal with on small items like our covers is global priority mail through the US post office. This is the most cost effective way to ship internationally by far kits range from $25-$45 approximately and completes are $35-$65. Usually it only takes 4-6 days from the time we ship to arrive at its destination. BUT !!! Please realize that with this method tracking information is very vague and every now and then a package does get misplaced for awhile by the USPS. It always seems to show up but sometimes after a month of waiting our experience is about 1 out of every 125 shipments this happens, and its usually to a smaller country that we do not ship to a lot. We have very good luck with countries like Canada, UK, Australia, Spain, France, etc. etc. If you want to be super safe we suggest Express mail through the US Post Office prices are about double but tracking information is much better.

EHS Racing is not responsible for any duties that the country of destination charges. We do not mark shipments as gift, free samples or any other way to bypass duties. This is fraud and we will not jeopardize ourselves, if you are curious of cost please contact your local post office or mail supplier. Packages are marked as merchandise with the actual cost of items on declaration pages.

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