Raptor 700 FCI Intake With No Box

Part Number:3204
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Fuel Customs Raptor 700 Intake No Box

We at EHS Racing support quality products, and the Fuel Customs Intake is just that. We realize that the EHS Racing air box lid doesn't fit the build on every single project. When your pushing the envelope the intake is an important part to address when making HP. We use these in our shop and on lot of our higher Horse Power builds and want to offer them to our customer base as well.

For the 2006-2014 dual exhaust port Raptor 700's we generally see a 1-2 hp in the over rev with the FCI, but as you progress further up the HP food chain they become more important. From our general testing on a mid 60 hp build we will see 2-3 hp increase in certain parts of the rpm curve and 75hp+ the stock intake is just maxed and its basically essential to upgrade the factory intake. Here you will see as much as 5hp throughout the whole rpm curve. This version is intake tube only with air filter and support bracket. there is no airbox or surround. An added air box version is also available to add some extra protection from dirt and water splash

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