Grizzly 550 Big 3 Package

Part Number:3311
Grizzly 550 Big 3 Package
Grizzly 550 Big 3 Package
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The Grizzly 550 Big 3 Package is the best out of the box horsepower available. We designed this kit to be taken out of the box installed and work perfectly immediatly you will not have to find maps or be left wondering if your quad is tuned correctly. The Full exhaust that comes with this package puts down the most power on the market. It Includes EHS Racing EFI Controller, Airbox Lid, & Slip-On Exhaust in one convient package at a discount rate.

**If anodizing color is selected for airbox plate, it may be imperfect or have discoloration due to the way we manufacture. Anodizing is done pre fitting the plate to the air box and bending it to fit this application may and usually will discolor the plate**

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