YFZ 450 Exhaust Slip-on Exhaust

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YFZ 450 Exhaust Slip-on Exhaust
YFZ 450 Exhaust Slip-on Exhaust
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Barkers Exhaust System For Yamaha YFZ 450 With Billet Mounting Clamp
Not your typical "big brand" exhaust system. Barker Exhaust are built with higher quality of performance, and craftsmanship in mind from the beginning. If you look at the reverse cone that is built into each system you can tell instantly that its just not some tubing bent to reach a silencer or can. Each system is designed and test simulated in multiple build configurations before being built with advanced tuning software. After proper tune length and volume simulations are done, multiple systems of various sizes and lengths will be constructed to get real life tested. What you get is results, this is the main reason these exhaust stand out from the other "big brand" systems. All exhaust are not created equal, granted you will see the same results from a lot of the same looking systems because they are fairly close to the same design.  
"Quote from Eric at EHS Racing" for some real life info not just the marketing stuff on every bodies site
I would guess Barker Exhaust will out perform 85% of the available exhaust systems by a large margin and the other %15 of the systems that i would put into the well built category it will still outperform those just not as large of a margin. I have not found any exhaust for any model ATV that has put down better HP # not only peak but in the over rev and carrying hp than the Barker exhaust system. And i have tested a lot of different models in many build scenarios.
This is a slip-on exhaust system which retains the stock head pipe. It still has the reverse mega phone mid pipe that sets it apart from other slipon systems.
- 304 Stainless Steel, tig welded with seam-reduced interior surfaces for smooth flow
-Reverse-cone megaphone with pulse-wave tuning technology for superior peak horsepower, enhanced over-rev and improvements throughout the rev range.
-Removable aluminum heat shield standard, riveted aluminum Barker's badge. Optional Quiet Core and spark arrestor inserts.
-Typically 101-103 dB without the Quiet Core, and 94-96 dB with Quiet Core insert.
-Optional ceramic coating for the head pipe (black) and multi color options of powder coating for the aluminum can. All extra cost
-Barker badge and hanger plate come standard in Black but can be substituted in red, yellow or blue for no extra charge

Remember to specify your choice of ATV exhaust tag colors - Red, Black, Blue, Yellow. If there is no specification the std color is black.


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