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Barker's Exhaust Spark Arrestor

Part Number:1194
Barker's Exhaust Spark Arrestor
Barker's Exhaust Spark Arrestor
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The standard quiet core comes with a spark arrestor already attached. If your spark arrestor needs to be replaced due to normal wear and tear, this is the replacement part for you!

This screen-type spark arrestor is designed to help keep our trails safe! Easy to install, the Barkers Spark Arrestor will eliminate any emission of flammable debris. Many jurisdictions worldwide require the use of a spark arrestor. If you are riding in the United States, and riding on federally managed land, chances are you will need to have a certified and properly maintained spark arrestor installed at all times. This might also be the case if you are riding on state or local land as well, so it is always best to check prior to heading out on the trails. Help keep our trails and forests safe, install a Barkers Spark Arrestor!

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