Airbox Covers

We at EHS Racing have developed the best ATV Pre-Filter available hands down!! EHSRacing has designed individual kits for almost every sport and utility quad manufactured. When we don't happen to have a specific kit designed for your particular ATV we have a wide range of universal applications. Our universal kits vary in size and function which allow them to be used for an almost limitless amount of installations and ideas. They are also not just for ATV's, imagine cleaner pre-filtered air for any application. Cars, Trucks, Motorcycle's, Dirt Bikes, Boats you name all that's needed is just a little imagination.

EHS Racing has been designing ATV air box and intake systems since 2001 and have built a very strong reputation for designing and manufacturing quality products. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on everything we design, and stand firmly behind it. We use quality stainless steel fasteners premium 6061 T-6 aluminum and actual OEM lids direct from the manufacture (Yamaha, Honda, Can-Am, Suzuki, Polaris, Kawasaki, etc.)

EHS Racing airbox lids are designed to give the best performance while retaining the benefits of a closed intake system. For example your stock ATV usually comes with a restrictive airbox either using a small inlet or opening that is unfiltered. We take the actual lid and open it up incorporating a pre-filter that is specifically made for EHSRacing by Outerwears. For those unfamiliar with Outerwear's it's a water resistant but extremely high flow material designed to filter the air before getting to your stock air cleaner. It prolongs filter life and cleaning intervals greatly, decreases your chances of getting water into your engine tremendously. No longer do you have to decide do I want to sacrifice reliability for performance you get the best of both worlds. Open box performance and closed box protection.

We offer either kits or complete setups for most applications. Kits come with all the necessary parts needed to modify your own stock air box lid. You will need to cut and modify it yourself. Our complete setup is everything needed but we install it here in the shop on a new OEM cover so all the work is done already.

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