EHS Racing Snorkel Saver 2" Blue

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EHS Racing Snorkel Saver 2" Blue
EHS Racing Snorkel Saver 2' Blue
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EHS Racing Snorkel Saver's so easy, yet so effective! We all know what kind of damage can happen when someone gets just a little to brave or comes upon on a new hole that was just a little deeper than anticipated. We have came up with something that can save your but in those times and keep your intake & cvt cleaner at the same time. The Snorkel Saver's pre filter is the same water resistant material that we use for our air box cover's. Now before we get any further its water resistant not water proof you obviously wont be able to turn into a submarine and expect to keep all the water out or if you sub merge your bike its not going to keep 100% of the water out of everything but the majority will stay out. It should give you that extra time to get it un submerged or enough time to shutdown preventing the damage that could of happened with out it installed. Although virtually all splashing and water contact without submersion should result in no water intrusion.

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